The Porch Partnership

A Strategic Plan

Downtown Delaware has a robust history that we intend to carry into the future. Our Design Committee and Buildings and Bagels group have spent many hours brainstorming the next steps for our historic downtown district, and how we can create a sustainable area to serve the community for years to come. The next step is to create a Strategic Plan for Downtown Delaware. Main Street will partner with OHM Consultants to develop a Downtown Plan for Delaware rooted in community values and aspirations, balanced with today’s market realities and proven public and private sector solutions to grow the local economy and sense of place.

OHM will guide Delaware through a series of phases in order to recommend what will best meet the needs in our community.

Some improvement projects have already begun!

Shortcut Alley and More!

Main Street Delaware seeks to create a vibrant and memorable experience for all residents and visitors. One recommendation from the City of Delaware’s 2017 Downtown Parking Study suggested improving “the pedestrian experience by enhancing pedestrian alleys, creating more direct connections from rear parking to storefronts, and enhancing streetscapes and street crossings.” Main Street Delaware Design’s Committee identified “Shortcut Alley”, running south from West Winter Street to the Franklin Street Public Parking Lot, as a key area for improvements.

Up until recently, the space was seen as uninviting and lacking a sense of purpose. A conceptual design includes steel archways, solar lighting and a space for artful creations, inviting visitors to stroll along the alley as they make their way to their downtown destination. Additionally, solar powered lighting will increase pedestrian safety, and porous sidewalk pavers will decrease stormwater runoff providing ongoing environmental benefits to the community.

This portion of the project is in partnership with the City of Delaware – here you can see that the repaving of Shortcut Alley has already begun!

Once the design is completed, education and art will become the focus to sustain interest and connect with visitors. Murals and artwork from local colleges, school districts, and other organizations keep the walkway fresh and engaging. The space will be intimate and flexible, allowing multiple uses ranging from rotating art exhibits, local music performances, or a place to sit and enjoy coffee or ice cream on a nice day.

Of course a project of this capacity needs adequate funding. If you are a person passionate about art, design, or public improvement we have a wonderful opportunity for you to contribute to a project such as this. The fundraising goal for this portion of the Main Street Delaware Campaign is $20,000. With your financial contribution Main Street can finally see this alley restoration come to fruition! Please consider making a donation today!

The Porch Partnership:
Downtown Strategic Plan