We are Main Street Delaware, a group of working, playing, living, learning, downtown passionate people doing all we can to perpetuate the heartbeat of this fantastic little hometown.


Main Street Delaware WORKS! As an entirely volunteer run organization we clock over 4,750 volunteer hours per year. Main Street Delaware is a 501c3, non-profit organization and the ONLY economic development organization that advocates specifically for the downtown business district. Downtown is the living room of our community. It takes hard work to be sure it is a comfortable, welcoming place for all who pass. Main Street Delaware has been and continues to be the catalyst for private investments in the downtown having over 60 million private dollars invested over the last 10 years. Working one on one with business and building owners to lighten the burden of government, we provide free design consultations, business trainings, and support.

Main Street Delaware LIVES! Incorporating hands, backs, and minds we invest our lives, doing what we love to support and sustain the core of our community. Our goals are scaled to our specific local community needs. Researching and implementing plans for parking, way finding signage, historic preservation guidelines and public art criteria, Main Street Delaware is also an asset to the local government. As a locally driven program our strategies depend on local, community support to develop a sense of place.

Main Street Delaware PLAYS! We are the cool kids on the block. We have fun together, forming lifelong friendships based on our personal convictions and our feelings of responsibility to our community. Anytime something is done well, it is done out of a deep desire or passion for that particular thing. Main Street Delaware volunteers are nothing if not passionate. Creating place together, one project at a time.


Susie Bibler
Susie Bibler, Executive Director
Caroline Pusateri
Caroline Pusateri, Office Assistant

Aaron Cook, Board President
Jason Allison, Board Member
Chip Gregory, Board Member
Cole Hatcher, Board Member
Sean Hughes, Board Member
Jenna Jackson, Board Member
Kathleen Miller, Board Member
Elaine McCloskey, Board Member

Zach Price, Board Member
Terri-Lynn Smiles, Board Member
Barb Walters, Board Member


Mission Statement

Giving People a Vibrant Downtown Experience


Vision Statement

Main Street Delaware aspires to be synonymous with community, providing an inclusive and vibrant destination that preserves our rich history and support a dynamic future.