Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area

DORA Information for City of Delaware Business Owners and Visitors


Delaware City Council voted on October 23, 2017 to establish a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) in the downtown. A DORA is just that, a designated public area where alcoholic beverages can legally be consumed. In Delaware’s case, this will allow for the consumption of beer and wine (no spirituous liquor during special events only. Special events are defined as events that require an event permit from the City of Delaware. It will be up to the event organizer to determine if the event will be a DORA event. 

What a DORA Allows

Licensed liquor establishments in the designated area may sell beer and wine during the event that can be carried out of their establishments in specially marked cups.

DORA Boundaries

Sandusky Street, from Spring Street to Central Avenue, and on William and Winter streets, from Franklin Street to Union Street.

Qualifying Events

Only special events will be permitted to have a DORA component.  No DORA drinks will be sold unless there is a special event in progress and even then the event organizer has to decide whether or not they want their event to be a DORA event.  Information concerning an event status can be found on the City of Delaware’s website

DORA Alcohol Consumption Licensed Liquor Permit Holders

  • Specially marked cups will be used by the qualifying liquor permit holders.  This will be a standard blue plastic cup (American Party Cup) not to exceed 16 oz. with two self-adhesive stickers on opposite sides of the cup that clearly identifies where the drink was purchased (i.e. the name or logo of the establishment)
  • Only wine or beer may be served in the cups to leave the establishment
  • Participation in the DORA program is optional to liquor permit holders so do not expect that every establishment will be selling DORA alcohol.
  • Merchants maintain the same control, rights and responsibility of their establishment. They may chose not to have alcohol brought into their business.  All visitors are required to abide by the merchant’s policy

More Information

There is information on the City website at Enter “DORA” in the search bar. You can also phone 740-203- 1010 or email