Downtown Parking App (Passport)

Download the app:

Patrons of Delaware’s vibrant downtown district will have the option to pay meter fees with a bankcard, beginning April 1, 2019, thanks to the Passport Parking mobile application.

Passport Parking is user friendly. Options include downloading the app, using a phone’s internet browser, or simply calling the company to use the service.

The app is free to download, but users will be charged a convenience fee with each transaction. Patrons will still be able to pay meter fees with change, if they prefer and can even add time to their meter from their phone. If a visitor receives a parking citation, they will also have the ability to pay their bill online instead of paying in person or by mail.

Delaware’s staff has been in touch with downtown businesses to make sure they understand the changes and ensuring they understand how to use the app to pass along to their customers and clientele. Passport also gives businesses the opportunity to pay for full or partial meter fees when hosting events.

Incorporating a pay-by-card option was a major action item on the city’s recent parking plan, along with the city’s #DelaWhere2Park public information campaign.

“This app will bring the City of Delaware into the 21st Century for parking,” said Vice Mayor Kent Shafer, who chaired the parking plan committee. “Upgrading our parking meters with Passport is one more step in our ongoing efforts to modernize.”